There are two misconceptions in the beauty industry that we’d like to myth-bust. The first is that you need to constantly switch up what you are using. This is built on the premise that a product is only working if it’s somehow at odds with your skin and designed to fix some singular, short term problem. This is a marketing ploy that was created to promote product discovery and constant consumption. It is frankly not true if you are using real #skinfood.

Rather than focus on a particular skin ‘problem’, at LINNÉ we formulate to support the nutritional needs of all skin. We use ingredients that provide the nutritional building blocks required to perform vital cellular functions. Rather than fighting a problem, we seek to establish balance and harmony. This approach allows us to create fewer formulas that serve a greater range of skin types.

Which brings me to to myth number 2: you do not need 15 steps to treat your skin well. Don’t let us stop you if that’s your jam, but there is such a thing as too much in skincare (and in wellness). Self-care is a vital component of self love but more stuff isn’t the answer. Sure we love trying a new spa treatment and need our daily dose of greens, but over-indulgence in self-optimization can also have its drawbacks.

Fortunately many of our favorite self-care rituals have no price or waiting list. For the ones that do, but prove to serve us time and time again, check out todays stories; we’ve shared some of the fail-proof products and services that the LINNÉ team reaches for time and time again. Let us know if you need any further recommendations, with skincare or otherwise, we are always here for you.

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