How glorious it is to be in crisp, clean, mountain air. Unfortunately, for many of us, the reality of daily life doesn’t always look like this. Skin is certainly amazing at protecting our internal organs from pollution and other environmental stressors but regular assault on our largest organ can lead to dull, dry and damaged skin.

Pollutants contain free radicals that can strip the skin’s lipid barrier. The lipid barrier is incredibly important as it keeps moisture in and impurities and dirt out.

Fortunately we have a complete line of products that not only support barrier function, but contain an arsenal of DNA-protective antioxidants. For a simple but effective daily routine we recommend PURIFY, REFRESH, RENEW & REPAIR.

PURIFY is notable in that it contains three types of clay that are known to neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation coming from devices like cell phones. It also effortlessly dissolves dirt, debris and micro-pollutants without stripping the skin.

REFRESH is rich in zinc, copper and magnesium, three trace minerals that are essential to cellular functioning and DNA repair. As a humectant it also helps to maintain the necessary moisture levels required to keep the skin’s barrier intact.

RENEW is a powerhouse antioxidant complex. Ingredients such as mountain pepper berry, astaxanthin algae, tomato lycopene, co-enzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid work hard to protect and correct the effects of environmental stressors.

And last, but not least, REPAIR is our face oil celebrated for its ability to transform dry, damaged skin into a healthy and radiant complexion. The beautiful collection of cold-pressed seed and nut oils, such as sacha inchi and sea buckthorn, provide the lipid barrier with necessary fatty acids and antioxidants, while steam-distilled essential oils, such as frankincense and sandalwood promote cellular regeneration.

With twice daily use of LINNÉ you can help protect your skin from the less lovely things in life, allowing you to focus on the fun.





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