Radiance Redefined: Earth Month Impact Report

impact report 2024

Sustainability is a moving target and LINNE is far from perfect. Nevertheless, we are committed to the improvement of our supply chain, operations, and business practices. Environmental stewardship is a collaborative effort, and we work closely with impactful organizations that not only support us in achieving our goals but also hold us accountable for our commitments. Today, we are proud to spotlight some of these key partners and how their contributions shape our business.


Beyond skin deep, LINNÉ ingredients benefit our planet and communities. Sacha inchi, a nutrient-dense seed growing in the Amazonian rain forest, is one such example. Unlike other agribusiness in the region, such as corn, palm oil and cattle ranching, sacha inchi has the potential to have numerous and significant benefits to the rainforest and crop farmers. As a perennial forest crop, Sacha inchi farming promotes healthy reforestation of native species in areas previously clear-cut for mass livestock operations. Furthermore sacha inchi is opening up sustainable and legal income streams for rural farming communities in areas once dependent on illicit coca cultivation. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with a unique set of suppliers who share our values.


Being a part of rePurpose Global, we form a coalition comprising over 250 brands dedicated to addressing the issue of plastic waste. Collaboratively, we have successfully eliminated 25 million kilograms / 57 million lbs of plastic waste while simultaneously enhancing livelihoods of over 2,300 waste workers. In addition to waste recovery, LINNÉ remains committed to waste reduction.


At LINNÉ our primary goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, but there are elements of our operation that still produce emissions. Through our partnership with Native Energy, we are actively offsetting these emissions by supporting projects that capture carbon. Our current endeavor involves supporting smallholder farms in Brazil to plant native Macaúba palms in degraded pasturelands. This initiative will create a silvopasture system that sequesters carbon in the soil, supports biodiversity, and generates additional income for over 100 farms.


We donate more than 1% of our revenue to non-governmental organizations, aiming to champion regenerative agriculture and conservation efforts. The majority of our contributions are dedicated to The Wilderness Society, an American non-profit dedicated to protecting natural areas and federal public lands in the United States; The Coastal Conservation League, a charitable organization committed to the protection of natural landscapes, abundant wildlife, clean water, and quality of life in South Carolina; and Farmers Footprint, a global nonprofit devoted to accelerating regenerative agriculture as a means to restore human and planetary health.


I once read that 100 companies are responsible for a staggering 71% of the world’s carbon emissions. The specific number of companies and the exact percentage may vary slightly depending on the study, but according to the Carbon Majors Database, a relatively small group of corporations are responsible for a large portion of global carbon emissions. It’s a statistic that might leave you feeling small against such immense numbers. But I am hopeful and believe our actions are far from insignificant.

Everything we do holds the potential for exponential impact. I firmly believe that one person’s actions can inspire another, leading to a ripple effect. Thank you for being a part of this chain of transformation. Thank you for choosing LINNÉ.

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