Everything You Need to Know About Scrub Face Mask

everything you need to know about scrub face mask

SCRUB face mask is multi-performance hero product that clears, brightens, smooths and plumps skin. It incorporates both physical and bio-chemical exfoliants to gently but effectively shed dead, dull skin that can clog pores.

Glycolic acid from sugarcane juice and lactic acid from bilberry dissolve the bind between dead and fresh cells. The glycolic acid also breaks down stubborn blackheads and stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

The finely milled bamboo powder further polishes the skin to promote a smooth, luminous appearance.

Soothing turmeric, chamomile, bergamot and and glyceryl stearate soothe the skin, provide a comfortable creamy jelly base and stimulate the senses.

Because SCRUB face mask is a gentle exfoliant, we recommend it for all skin types, including teenage skin. For best results use it at least once a week but no more than three times. We also recommend mixing it with PURIFY face wash for a two-in-one masking ritual.

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