Spotlight: Artist Laura Deems

Delve into the vibrant world of abstract art with Laura Deems, a passionate artist hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. As she eagerly anticipates the arrival of her first child this June alongside her husband Cannon, Laura shares her journey into the realm of abstract artistry and the profound inspirations shaping her unique perspective.

Laura, tell us about yourself and what led you to become an abstract artist?

Hello! I'm Laura Deems, an abstract artist residing in Birmingham, Alabama. The impending joy of parenthood with my husband Cannon fills us with boundless excitement!

My journey into abstract art stemmed from a deep-seated desire to forge connections through tactile expression. It's a medium that exudes warmth and accessibility, inviting viewers to embark on an introspective journey alongside me.

How has your background in textile design impacted your current work?

My roots in textile design have imbued my artistic portfolio with a distinctive flair. Drawing upon my expertise in color theory, screen printing, and weaving, I've cultivated a visual lexicon that defies convention. Each piece represents a departure from the structured confines of traditional design, offering a liberated interpretation of patterns and motifs.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

The interplay of textures serves as a perennial wellspring of inspiration for me. Whether drawn from the realms of fashion, interiors, or nature, I'm captivated by the harmonious juxtaposition of softness and rigidity. This underlying tension infuses my work with an ethereal quality, captivating viewers with its unspoken allure.

How do you connect your art to your everyday life?

For me, creativity transcends the confines of the canvas, permeating every facet of my existence. Whether it's reflected in the way I adorn our home, curate my wardrobe, or even in the meticulous layering of skincare products, artistry is a thread that binds my everyday experiences together.

We are thrilled to see the LINNÉ BÉBÉ set on your baby registry! How have you incorporated these products into your routine and how do you plan to share them with the baby?

LINNÉ's products have been a staple in my skincare regimen for years, thanks to a thoughtful introduction from a dear friend. Amidst the transformative journey of pregnancy, the reassurance of non-toxic, absorbable ingredients brings unparalleled comfort. The luxurious oil has become an integral part of my nightly routine, and I eagerly anticipate sharing the gentle body wash with our little one.

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