Spotlight: Samantha Romero of Fig & Oak

Tell us about yourself, what led you to create Fig & Oak? Where did your inspiration come from?

It began as a fun hobby that developed into a creative outlet that allowed me to experiment with storytelling through film. After going down a rabbit hole of searching for vintage gems, like a George Nelson bubble fixture or Italian Murano glass lamps, I couldn’t stop.

How did your father play a role in starting Fig & Oak?

He’s my number one employee. I kid, but he has been my number one supporter since the beginning. My local furniture pickups quickly became out-of-state road trips where we would drive several hours together to collect pieces and bring them back to L.A.

How do you go about sourcing each unique piece?

With vintage furniture you never know what or when you’ll come across a special item. Typically I go with my gut instinct and lean toward pieces that I can reimagine in my own space.

How do you prioritize sustainability at Fig & Oak?

Rather than selling mass produced pieces, everything is one of a few, if not one of a kind. I always encourage clients to take their time in customizing their home. A home is defined by how it makes you feel, and if you truly appreciate each piece then it will be that much more “yours,” versus that mid-century modern coffee table that half of the city owns, for example.

Where do you find symmetry between sourcing sustainable interiors and sustainable skincare?

Being a sustainability-conscious consumer is an ongoing learning process, whether it translates into purchasing an item for your home or what you apply onto your skin. Quality over quantity wins every time.

What led you to expand into a creative studio?

I always knew I wanted to have a multi-faceted space for creatives to come together. Naturally, Fig & Oak has attracted wonderful creators that I would love to continue to support and connect with through regular events at the space.


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