Spotlight: Denise Hernandez of Shop Jitana

Denise, tell us about yourself. What led to the creation of Shop Jitana? What does Jitana mean and why did you choose the name?

Jitana is a home décor brand that specializes in on-trend designs. I am of Salvadorian descent, but was born and raised in Los Angeles. The definition of Jitana is gypsy, a member of a tribe with no permanent home or as it describes her, a person with a wandering lifestyle. This is exhibited in my process for selecting products for Shop Jitana by traveling to different parts of the world.  

I am inspired by the beauty the world has to offer and is continuously dedicated to finding new, one of a kind pieces to introduce to her collection. I am not only enlivening people's homes, but also impacting the lives of these artisans from all over the world. I have traveled to some of the deepest parts of the world, and it is here where I met some of the most intriguing artisans who would help create my own collection of handmade goods. Shop Jitana is dedicated to being a sustainable, ethically sourced and fair trade business that brings thoughtful, unique pieces with a fair price. 


How do you go about sourcing the pieces for your site? 

I spend a lot of time in the places I source building a relationship with the artisans we work with. 


What inspires you most when it comes to design and your curation? 

My travels, embracing my heritage and the culture of the city I source in. 


How does your Salvadorian background influence the home decor you source?

I grew up traveling to Latin American countries, and I love how important family is in our culture. It's important for me to source from artisans because you really get to know everything about them since it's a deeper and more meaningful connection.


Inspired by art and craftsmanship from different parts of the world, where has been your favorite place to travel to? 

That is a tough question! I grew up traveling so I have so many favorites for different reasons, but I learned that I truly feel my best in nature. I love Thailand, Bolivia, Costa Rica to name a few.


Similar to LINNÉ, Shop Jitana is a sustainable, ethically sourced and fair trade business. Why was it important for you to make this a priority? 

Along my travels I met with artisans and felt like I needed to share their story and culture. I want to be able to help the success of small scale artisans to drive a better future for them, their families and community. 

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