The LINNÉ Shaving Routine for Silky Smooth Skin

clean shaving oil

Have you tried using REPLENISH everywhere oil as a shave oil? We’re loving how this beautiful blend lubricates and moisturizes the skin, providing the perfect base for a close shave, with no razor burn, rashes or dry, blotchy skin.

For best results we recommend the following steps:

1) Cleanse skin with ACTIVATE body wash or CLEANSE face and body wash to ensure skin is clear of dirt, debris and other products.

2) Apply a layer of REPLENISH everywhere oil to the damp area you would like to shave.

3) Shave as usual, rinse and pat dry.

4) Skin will be nourished but for super smooth, glowing gams we recommend misting the body with hydrating, antibacterial, wound-healing REFRESH mineral mist . While dewy, massage skin with more REPLENISH or one of our two occlusive balms.

5) Show off your silky smooth skin!

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