SUN, SUN, SUN, here we come ☀️ A 411 on Sun Safety:

We're loving the longer days and all these rays. But as we know, too much UV exposure can cause damage to the skin (and premature aging). Fortunately our bodies naturally produce antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and other protective compounds, but as we age and environmental exposure increases, it’s important to supplement depleted reserves with bioavailable nutrients. For a clear, glowing complexion all summer long be sure to absorb hydrating ingredients and protective fatty acids both internally and topically. Yes you’ll look better, and you’ll feel better too.

RENEW and REPAIR are summer skin must-haves. These ingredients are no substitute for a cover up or broad spectrum SPF but they may bolster the effects of sunscreen and are known to also protect the skin from free-radical damage associated with over-exposure. As we move into the summer months and life spent outdoors, use them daily to protect and correct your largest organ.

Want to learn more about UV rays and sun protection? Head to stories or the LINNÉ journal for more.

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