LINNÉ is an ethically crafted skincare line formulated exclusively from superlatively sourced plants and minerals. Our hard-working yet gentle products effectively address a range of skin concerns, including but not limited to acne, dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity and premature aging.


We value your health and only use safe, non-toxic, biocompatible ingredients that are easily absorbed and processed by the body. All of our ingredients are made exclusively from plant and mineral sources and we use mostly unrefined plant extracts and cold-pressed seed, nut and fruit oils. We also employ a handful of alternative and more sophisticated extraction methods such as fermentation and CO2 extraction. No matter the procedure, the root material is always GMO-free and responsibly sourced and the final ingredient is contaminant-free and never tested on animals.

We buy from reputable sources that champion environmental health and worker welfare and we evaluate each ingredient to ensure that they are free from environmental and biological contaminants. While there may be color, texture or scent variability from one harvest or lot to the next, we rely on certificate of analysis, material data safety sheets, allergen reports and composition breakdowns to ensure that our ingredients will consistently be safe and effective. 

We do all this because there is an unfortunate lack of transparency within the skincare market. As greenwashing becomes ubiquitous it has become increasingly imperative for formulators and brands to source considerately and responsibly. Part of the challenge of working with naturals is that there is incredible variability among the ingredients on offer. Species variety, growth location and conditions, pesticide and fertilizer use, the time and means of harvesting, the process by which the raw plant is converted into its formula-ready form, the conditions of storage and distribution, and the potential adulteration by secondary traders all contribute to ingredient quality and efficacy.  With that said, being natural alone is not good enough.  

We primarily use organic and sustainably wild-harvested ingredients and have a particular affinity for native plants given their adapted defense mechanisms that protect themselves from their harsh environments. Furthermore at LINNÉ we promote the use of plants grown in their original habitat/geographical distribution and our ingredient choices aim to support species diversity, environmental preservation and ethnobotanical continuity. 

It goes without saying that we do not include petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, phalates, artificial fragrance, PEG products, T.E.A., D.E.A., B.H.A., synthetic colors, hydroquinone, formaldehyde, lauryl sulphate, triclosan, boric acid or lead. To learn more about these ingredients visit the Environmental Working Group database.


We believe that it is the responsibility of all modern brands to think expansively about their brand mission. Ours certainly extends well beyond providing products for healthy glowing skin. As we grow, we want to increasingly improve our environmental footprint. From our inception packaging has been of great consideration. Not only did we want to provide our customer with something that brought esthetic joy but we wanted to make sure our materials reflected our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our veggie-ink printed boxes are made from recycled and forest stewardship council certified paper and can easily be recycled or composted. As per our primary packaging, CLEANSE and PURIFY are offered in bio-resin tubes made from sugarcane. The raw sugarcane is third party verified to meet our requirements for responsible agriculture and the growing of the sugarcane itself will sequester 3x as much carbon as it will take to produce our bottles - thus yielding a carbon negative result - a 5x improvement from fossil fuels! The remaining core collection is available in clear glass, which, unlike black or colored glass, is widely accepted by recycling municipalities worldwide. Aside from its recyclability, we chose clear bottles to allow our customer to enjoy the natural colors of the products themselves, clearly determine product fill, and to further communicate our commitment to brand transparency.

Given that we still use plastic, LINNÉ is dedicated to funding the removal and recycling of TWICE as much plastic waste from nature as we use in our packaging. Under our Plastic Negative Certification, all of our products will carry a negative plastic footprint. Through our partnership with rePurpose, we are supporting EcoWorks in Bogota, Colombia to employ and empower marginalized waste workers to ethically reclaim and dispose of low-value plastic waste. This is plastic that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into waterways and oceans.

Through our Plastic Negative contributions, rePurpose pays ethical wages to waste workers for collecting hard-to-recycle, low-value plastic waste items thereby substantially increasing their income by monetizing a previously uncollected waste stream. In this way, waste workers are fairly compensated for their important work of diverting plastic waste that would otherwise pollute our natural world and contribute further to the current ecological crisis.

We are also proud members of 1% of the Planet and we commit far more than 1% of our total revenue to support regenerative agriculture projects worldwide. These important projects have been directly linked to reduction in carbon and the dramatic improvement in water, land, wildlife and farm worker health. The main goal of regenerative agriculture is to improve soil health, and as we know healthy soils mean less erosion, run-off and need for pesticides and fertilizers. 

Our office, lab and logistics facilities all run on renewable energy and we offer the option to offset shipping with Cloverly. We are Carbon Neutral certified by Native Energy and this includes our shipping footprint but we offer this additionally to give you ownership and awareness of your footprint. Furthermore our partnership with Cloverly allows us to support projects that promote water conservation in a myriad of ways from improved forest management, to biomass harvesting for phosphorus capture and habitat renewal. 

Lastly through our partnership with Native Energy we offer our customers the option to offset their personal lifestyle footprint with carbon credits invested into the Southern Plains Land Trust. Through this partnership the LINNÉ community is able to not only sequester carbon, but also help to preserve grasslands, ecosystem and wildlife.


Our namesake, the famed 18th century Swedish botanist, professor and physician, Carl Von Linné, was a plant enthusiast and lover of planet earth. As an ethnobotanist he studied and honored the way other cultures incorporated plants into their culinary and medical practices. He was a creative thinker and creator, dedicated to learning, healing and wellness. He opened his classroom to all who wanted to learn with him, beyond those enrolled at the university where he taught. 

Linné is most known for his establishment of binomial nomenclature and for laying the foundations for our modern system of plant taxonomy. Inspired by this work, we have designed a roman numeral classification system and "step" protocol that makes our products easy and effective to use.

To further ensure efficacy as well as product freshness, all our products include use by dates and are made in small batches to reflect demand. 


We aim to be transparent in our pricing and have no “hidden costs” that negatively impact the planet and its people. Our product price reflects the value of our premium ingredients and packaging, our sustainability efforts and support of livable wages. We have honest margins and aim to be accessible to as many individuals as possible. We hope that within one use, you too will agree, that such care for your largest organ is a smart investment.

We advocate for full cost accounting. We believe in corporate social responsibility, employee welfare and environmental ethics. We contribute charitably in the social, health and ecological sectors and welcome the appropriate partnerships.

We believe in consumer education and try our best to share our growing knowledge via this platform, blog and social media. To learn more check out the LINNÉ journal, and visit us on instagram @linnebotanicals. 

We respect and serve our customers: please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions or suggestions.Thank you so much for your consideration and interest.