I can't start my morning without scraping my tongue with a copper tongue scrape, misting my face with REFRESH, followed by a quick facial massage using RENEW Face Serum and BALANCE Face Oil. I also roll-on our RISE Functional Fragrance on my brow, neck and inner wrist which helps release anxiety, promote hormonal equilibrium in the body, and stimulate mental clarity and concentration. I’ll also start the day with a warm cup of SKIN TEA and superfood packed smoothie or fresh-presses vegetable juice.

Before jumping into work, prior to the pandemic I would take a yoga, pilates, and dance class 3-4 times a week.  During quarantine, I have loved B The Method Pilates by Lia Bartha. But, my favorite kind of exercise happens outside. We had the privilege to hike everyday this summer in Vermont. And now in Charleston, we take our walks along the beach. My pup very much approves of both!

After a bit of morning movement it’s on to LINNÉ! Being a small business means I’m wearing all the hats but I love how much I’ve learned by doing it all! Some times even the most dull logistical things can be quite rewarding— just knowing you’ve developed the self-sufficiency to fully operate and scale your own business. Of course my favorite thing to do is product development. I hope as we grow that I will have more and more time to dedicate myself to this craft. I love nothing more than ingredient sourcing and formulating and my art background has definitely aided me in all or design work. 

I usually don’t stop working until well past nightfall. This time of year, pre-new year and baby, I am especially focused. Last night I didn’t stop working until midnight. It can be grueling no doubt but it’s all worth it when I hear from you about how much these products have changed your skin and brought you comfort and confidence!

Curious to learn more about my daily routine, must-have kitchen items, favorite wellness gurus, and more? Check out my feature in How You Glow, and Chalkboard Magazine.

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