While there are many facial exfoliators on the market claiming to reveal more radiant skin, many contain harsh chemicals that disrupt the skin's microbiome and weaken the skin’s protective barrier.  Abrasive granules and aggressive chemicals may be touted as a method to achieve glowing skin but more often than not these harsh ingredients prove to be counter-productive, leaving the skin dry, irritated, red and tender.

Our SCRUB Face Mask uses both granules and chemicals to exfoliate, but what makes SCRUB unique is the quality of materials, the uniformity of our bamboo powder, the percentage and synergy of our enzymatic extracts and the complimentary ingredients we use that boost SCRUB's efficacy while soothing and calming the skin.

One of the unsung hero ingredients in SCRUB is the humble potato. We include it in SCRUB for its rich vitamin and mineral content and its ability to cure pimples, provide quick relief to burns, and promote faster healing. Potato is also known to have brightening properties that may improve dark circles and balance uneven skin tone. It also adds to SCRUBS signature silky gel feel. 

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