The more you use LINNÉ products the more intuitive your routine will become. Because they work to #feedtheskin not fight it, you can use them freely as desired depending on your immediate needs. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share a few suggestions in response to a question one of our customers had today about how to fit the products into their exercise schedule.

Generally speaking I do not wash my face in the morning. I do however love to splash it with cool water and once dry, spritz it generously with REFRESH mist. This helps invigorate the skin and prepare it to receive RENEW serum and BALANCE face oil. I mix these two together and take a good minute to massage them into the face and neck area - don’t forget the back of the neck, as tension here can actually lead to creasing in the forehead. Because the products absorb readily into the skin, this is an appropriate regimen before engaging in exercise, even if you plan to sweat. If your routine is light, such as a good walk and some gentle stretching you may choose to leave your skin as is, or re-mist with REFRESH. Our mineral mist makes the perfect-post workout treatment as it is calming, cooling, pore-clearing, hydrating and antibacterial. If you exercise hard, or get dirty outside, you can wash your face with PURIFY, then follow with REFRESH, RENEW and face oil. If you really like to sweat first thing in the morning, you can also skip your routine and resume post exercise.

If I exercise in the evening, I like to wash up after, no matter what. It’s a great way to reset the skin, whether you are prepping it for a bit of makeup and a night on the town (remember those days?) or are winding down for a cozy evening at home (more like it). In the evening I tend to choose REPAIR and save BALANCE for the morning. But some days are just BALANCE days, and others are REPAIR days, and as you use them both you’ll come to understand when’s the right moment for each. If you have any questions about how to best incorporate LINNÉ into your day, send us a message, we are here to help.

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