Day dreaming of warm, sandy beaches? We are! Reality however feels more like cold winter air, harsh winds, a lack of humidity, and dry indoor heat - all factors that cause dry, flakey skin 👎 Whether you’re experiencing chapped lips, cracked hands and feet, or an overall scaly texture on your body and facial skin, LINNÉ products have been formulated to fortify your skin throughout the year. Here are some simple tips for keeping your skin healthy and nourished all season long:

After washing your hands, coat them in a protective layer of SMOOTH Body Balm. We love to keep a jar on our desk and at our bedside table. We also keep a travel size jar in our bags, jackets or car to keep our hands moisturized after each wash or spray with sanitizer.

Switch up your soap. Generic bar soap strips the skin of its natural oils. Swap it out for our pH balanced ACTIVATE Body Wash. This nourishing blend improves circulation, soothes irritation, rejuvenates cells and exfoliates dry skin to reveal a smoother, softer complexion.

Apply NOURISH Lip Balm well before your lips feel dry or chapped. NOURISH will heal cracked, flaky lips but prevention is always the best strategy.

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