Frequently Asked Questions

What types of serums does RENEW replace?

RENEW is our antioxidant-rich, hyaluronic, vitamin-C, retinol alternative product. This is the serum we recommend to promote youthful, clear, hydrated skin. 

Is RENEW pregnancy safe? 

Because RENEW contains ingredients that synergistically perform like a retinol to encourage cellular turnover, exfoliate, reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, and brighten the skin, we call it a retinol-alternative but there is no retinol in this product which means it is safe for conception, pregnancy and nursing. It has been used by many mothers, including LINNÉ founder, Jenna, and is recommended by Lily & Horn, one of New York City’s leading holistic fertility clinics. 

Is RENEW a product for dry or dehydrated skin?

Dry skin is a skin type that often occurs when the body does not produce enough natural oils resulting in itchiness, redness, flakiness and increased incidence of dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition in which the skin lacks water. This can occur in dry and oily skin types and manifests as congestion, sensitivity, dullness, lack of elasticity and oiliness. For dry skin we recommend our oils and balms, but for dehydrated skin we recommend our mist and serum. RENEW is loaded with hydrating ingredients, and is best followed with one of our face oils to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. 

Why should I use both a serum and an oil?

The skin needs both hydration and fatty acid nourishment for optimal health and appearance. When combined together the two in essence create what we know as a lotion or cream. The difference is that to bind hydrophilic products (ie. RENEW serum) and hydrophobic products (ie BALANCE face oil) ingredients known as solubilizers and emulsifiers are required to prevent separation. These ingredients are not all bad, but we have decided to keep our hydrophilic and hydrophobic ingredients separate primarily for two reasons: to avoid the addition of unnecessary ingredients and so that your routine may be customized to your needs using the building blocks we provide: REFRESH, RENEW, REPAIR & BALANCE.

If you tend towards blemish prone skin we highly recommend RENEW + BALANCE, and if you tend towards dry skin we recommend RENEW + REPAIR. Whether you choose REPAIR or BALANCE, do try it tonight mixed with RENEW - together they create the perfect slip for our signature facial massage.

Does RENEW help with hyperpigmentation?

The best way to avoid an uneven skin tone is to protect your skin from sun damage from the start. Wearing a hat and sunscreen is the best form of protection but your skin will also benefit from morning and evening applications of RENEW serum. Rich in antioxidants such as UV-protective lycopene and astaxanthin, RENEW will protect your skin’s appearance whilst preventing DNA damage. Niacinamide and white willow bark will help with cellular turnover and brightening and for additional exfoliation we recommend using SCRUB 1-2x a week. Should you get too much sun exposure, soothe the skin with REPAIR oil - just as welcome on burnt shoulders and décolleté as it is nose, cheeks and ears. 

Where is RENEW in the order of products?

We recommend preceding serums with our cleanser and mist and following with one of our face oils for complete skin nutrition. LINNÉ products are marked with Roman Numerals as a nod to our namesake, the botanist Carl Von LINNÉ who laid the foundations for the taxonomical classification system. We borrowed this system to create our easy step protocol. Serums are Step IV.