BALANCE was the first LINNÉ product created. It was formulated in an effort to heal the founder’s sister’s acne-prone skin. At the time, using an oil to treat acne seemed wildly foreign and counter-intuitive, but therein lies the misconception about acne treatment. Conventional wisdom suggests that oily and acne prone skin should be treated with harsh products that strip the skin of sebum. More often than not however, the skin responds with inflammation and the production of excess oil.

Seeing how her sister’s skin was depleted of nutrients, barrier function, hydration, ceramides and essential fatty acids, founder Jenna Levine crafted BALANCE to bring harmony to skin previously under attack.

Because not all oils are created equal, it was essential to exclusively source the ones that met her sister’s specific needs. Jenna Levine chose vegetable fats known to be rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds. She meticulously selected essential oils that synergistically support skin clarity, wound healing and regeneration along with slightly astringent, non-comodeogenic oils that are magically suitable for both dry and oily skin types. This adaptability is what gives BALANCE it’s name, and furthermore allows it to keep working as your skin adjusts and heals.

Whether you have acne or not, BALANCE is a wonderful nutritive choice that absorbs quickly, leaving you with a lustrous, healthy glow. We also love BALANCE for its herbaceous, clean and apparently very sexy scent! To learn more about BALANCE and the ingredients within, check out today’s stories.

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