Can Natural Skincare Be Clinical?

can natural skincare be clinical skincare?

There is a misconception in skincare that natural and clinical are mutually exclusive formulation philosophies. This however is not always the case.

At LINNÉ we recognize the sophistication of plant medicine and incorporate cutting edge ingredients for science-backed results. We are highly selective about our ingredients and choose actives with robust in vivo and in vitro clinical studies. Combined with unrefined, pure extractions, we are able to transform skin and we have the testimonials to prove it. 

With the popularity of naturals, suppliers are pumping out thousands of new ingredients annually to keep up with trend. Some of these have high marketing value but little bio-activity while others capture the latest technology to deliver effective results. In short not all naturals are the same, but with that said, we should remember that even some of the most popular synthesized ingredients, such as peptides, originate in the natural world. 

Furthermore, it should be noted that nature IS science and we believe in incorporating a range of ingredients from high-tech enzyme extractions, to raw, cold-pressed oils. Moreover, what makes LINNÉ unique is that we develop our unique formulations in house, and with great care. We hope you can feel and see the difference.

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