NEW: The PURIFY & SCRUB Mask for Clear, Bright, and Toned Skin

the purify and scrub mask for clear, bright, and toned skin

LINNÉ insider tip: For instantly clear, bright and toned skin we recommend mixing PURIFY Face Wash & Mask with SCRUB Face Mask. 

The benefits of PURIFY: 

Highly cleansing, pH balanced, micro-biome friendly, PURIFY effectively cleanses the skin without drying or stripping. Supported by ingredients that are known to neutralize free radicals, tone sagging skin, suppress bacteria and prevent and aid skin imbalances such as rashes, rosacea and acne, PURIFY is the perfect clay base component to your face mask. 

The benefits of SCRUB: 

SCRUB promotes healthy cellular turnover, unclogs pores, stimulates collagen production and increases penetrability of other products. Skin is left smooth and radiant thanks to our blend of physical and bio-chemical exfoliants. SCRUB is the perfect exfoliating component to your face mask. 

How to create the mask: 

Mix equal parts of PURIFY face wash and SCRUB face mask.

Apply to dry skin.

Allow the products to perform for 20 minutes.

With wet finger tips, massage the products into skin to emulsify excess sebum and buff away dead skin. Add more water with hands or the included sea sponge and rinse skin clear. 

Follow immediately with a liberal mist of REFRESH mineral mist and a facial massage using RENEW face serum and your favorite LINNÉ face oil.

Et voilà!


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