While masks may be the new normal, and it’s super important that we all wear them when out in public, “maskne” (mask-acne), and other PPE-induced skin irritation do not have to be something we accept.

Fortunately we have products proven to both protect and correct acne and blemished skin. In addition to the products highlighted in this video, and listed below, we recommend washing your mask frequently and choosing a mask with some breathability, (cotton and silk are great choices). Same goes for towels and pillow cases. And if you can, skip makeup, or wash it off (along with heavy sunscreens) when not in use.

PURIFY- formulated for my father who struggled with “maskne” for 30 years as a surgeon wearing a PPE mask daily. I’m thrilled to report that he has had clear skin since using PURIFY and the other products here listed.

SCRUB - an effective yet gentle way too keep skin smooth, clear and radiant.

REFRESH - super hydrating, soothing, and abundant in ingredients known to clear pores.

RENEW- an all around skin savior. Antioxidant-rich and great for regenerating skin while remaining light enough for use under a mask.

BALANCE- the formula I developed to resolve my sister’s acne. This fast absorbing oil creates a nice protective barrier without clogging pores.

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