Where Does Renew Get Its Vibrant Color From?

Where Does Renew Get Its Vibrant Color From?

RENEW Face Serum gets its vibrant color from a variety of naturally pigmented botanicals and actives.

Carrot cells and Co-enzyme Q10 contribute orange-hued polyphenols rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, and ubiquinone.

Tomato extract and algae oleoresin create the signature red color, and bolster RENEW with lycopene and astaxanthin — superior UV protectors.

Hibiscus flowers and mountain pepper berry extract lend their purple tones and the benefits of anthocyanins.

From time to time the batch color of RENEW may shift given the unadulterated quality of our ingredients. Despite these changes in appearance, each ingredient lot is accompanied by a certificate of analysis demonstrating a consistency in active delivery — allowing us to delivery a consistent result while letting nature's true colors to shine.

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