What Does Wildcrafted Mean?

what does wildcrafted skincare mean?

Wildcraft and wild-harvest are synonymous terms for gathering plants that have grown without human intervention. These ingredients are found in the wild, often in their native origin.

Without resources like temperature control, fertilizers and pesticides, wild grown plants must use their own defenses for survival. This often yields a robust specimen, rich in protective nutrients.

We love to incorporate wildcrafted ingredients within our products for precisely this reason. Palmarosa, kakadu plum, mountain pepper berry, lavender and palo santo are a handful of the ingredients we use that are gathered responsibly from the wild.

When taking plants from the wild it is imperative to practice ethical wildcrafting principals. If you plan to do some foraging this season we encourage you to follow these conscientious guidelines.

1) Learn to identify - only use what you know!
2) Target invasive species - weeds can be delicious and medicinal.
2) Be aware of your environment and avoid harvesting from areas that might be exposed to toxic runoff.
3) Protect vulnerable ecosystems and plant populations.
4) Avoid over-harvesting to ensure healthy regeneration.
5) Use proper tools - proper pruning can support plant health and growth.
6) Be undetectable - leave the area in the same or better condition than how you found it.
7) Only share your harvesting locations with folks aware of these principals and who have a respect for nature.

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