Plants have evolved efficient and synergistic relationships between multiple compounds to sustain their survival. As a company that respects 500 million years of plant evolution and wisdom, we value whole plant medicine and prefer them to isolated actives. 

Nevertheless, isolates are the norm. When a plant has demonstrated bioactivity in humans, it is typical among pharmaceutical companies to attribute that effect to a single constituent, isolate it, synthesize it and in some cases alter it to create a unique molecule that can be patented. This process allows for standardization and profitability and thus has gained popularity in the medical and cosmetic industries. Whole plant medicine can not be patented or homogenized. Rather it provides the formula a unique complexity and a synergy of compounds.  A perfect example of this is Vitamin C. When isolated it is very prone to oxidation but when supported by supplemental antioxidants, such as rutin in the whole plant extraction of kakadu plum, the Vitamin C is far more stable and effective for much longer.   

Our contaminant-free, full-spectrum plant extraction methods help promote the bio-availability of nutrients; thus allowing our products to effectively yet gently impact your physiology. The result is hardworking yet gentle skincare. This is the LINNÉ way.

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