5 Tips to Destress During the Workday

Wellness enthusiast, reiki master, and yoga teacher, Michaela Leung, shares her 5 tips to destress during the workday:

Mini grounding exercise: When things get hectic, try a mini grounding exercise. Just put your feet flat on the ground, feel the earth beneath you and know you are centered, bring attention to your breath taking deep inhales and exhales. Do this for as long as you need to.


Prioritize movement: Starting your day with a quick workout can start your day on the right foot, preventing stress. Working out at the start of the day can give you the feel-good energy it takes to fuel your day; while ending your day with a workout is a healthy way to relieve the stress of the workday.


Take breaks throughout the day: Overworking yourself leads to burnout. Be sure to take breaks throughout the work day to allow your mind time to rest. If you have an allotted time for breaks, make sure you always take advantage of that. If you work from home, try taking quick 15 minute breaks throughout the day.

Spend time outdoors: Taking time to step outside is a great stress reliever and way to ground yourself when work is overwhelming. Even if it’s just for five minutes, stepping outside can give you the refresh you need to ease stress.

Listen to calming music while you work: Set the scene for a relaxing yet productive day by listening to healing frequencies while you work. You can listen to Solfeggio Frequencies to give a sense of calm while you conquer the work day.

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