We established a roman numeral classification system to help users easily understand the application order of our products. To differentiate among products within the category we have given each a letter (a, b, c, etc.). 

All cleansers, whether they are for the body or face, are STEP I. 

All masks are STEP II and are recommended for use once or twice a week.

All toners are STEP III and can be used throughout the day to refresh skin and are recommended before application of serums and oils to enhance their absorption.

All serums are STEP IV. They are deeply penetrating but may leave a bit of tackiness as they dry. We recommend following serums with face oil.

V. All oils and balms are in STEP V. They are designed to provide the final seal of moisture and nourishment and therefore we recommend that they follow the use of serums. You may decide to alternate between oils depending on your shifting needs and we support whatever works for you.

We encourage you to enjoy an extra moment to gently massage all our products into your skin to increase penetration and enhance circulation. 


In order to cut out many of the occlusive, pore-clogging emulsifiers, fillers and texturizing agents that are often required to make a cream, we have separated our moisturizers by their content of hydrophilic (water soluable) and hydrophobic (oil soluable) ingredients. Our concentrated hydrophilc serum has been formulated with superior quality botanical extracts selected to penetrate the skin deeply while allowing it to freely eliminate toxins and breathe. 

This separation additionally has allowed us to create a 'building block system' for a more responsive, customizable skincare experience. 

We recommend that all serums (IV) be applied before face oils (V).


We have carefully selected 100% pure all natural nutrient dense oils, made from minimally processed seeds, nuts, fruits and steam-distilled essential oil. Our synergistic blends contain ingredients known to protect the skin, deeply moisturize, improve the clarity of the complexion, enhance elasticity, fight free radicals and oxidative damage, even skin tone, encourage cellular turnover, repair scar tissue and decrease inflammation.  They contain gentle yet active biocompatible ingredients and nothing else.  

Previous to trying a face oil, many people are shocked to discover that the right oils, such as jojoba, hazelnut and shiso, can actually benefit a greasy complexion by bringing sebum production into balance. The addition of anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oils further aid in the treatment and prevention of pimples and blackheads. Many of our essential oils also contain regenerative properties and thus are beneficial in the healing of scar tissue associated with acne.

Currently we offer two oil blends to target varying needs thus allowing for a customized regimen that will support the changes in skin due to shift in diet, stress, hormones, quality and duration of sleep, and exposure to environmental stress. 

Face oils (V) should follow the application of serums (IV).


At LINNÉ we resonate with the edict made by Hippocrates,  ‘let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food’. This axiom guides all aspects of this brand and is instrumental in the sourcing and formulation of topical products. The topical skincare products are meant to serve as food for the skin. They are made with the highest quality ingredients that have been processed only in ways to retain their vitality but perhaps not their longevity. We do use a collection of natural, safe and food-grade preservatives to prevent microbial contamination but nevertheless to encourage use of the product at its freshest and most potent we feature a recommended use by date. This is unusual in the skincare industry, but perhaps as we shift our thinking and consider our skincare products to be more like food, we will prefer fresh products with a ‘best buy date’ to those that can sit on a shelf lifeless, forever. Like other artisanal culinary products we so enjoy, LINNÉ products are made in small batches in accordance with demand so that they remain fresh and active.


LINNÉ will gladly accept unopened returns on orders within 14 days. This two week grace period begins when the product is delivered to your door. Opened products will be returned on a case by case basis depending on the reason for the return. 

To make the return, please send us an email at letting us know the reason for the return. Someone will reply confirming receipt of your request. Once received please securely wrap the package and send via FedEx, UPS or USPS. LINNÉ is not responsible for returned articles lost during transit. Be sure to include your complete contact info with your return including your name, address, phone number, email address and order number.

Your return will be processed promptly upon its arrival. Processing time for returns is 10 days from the time the return is received. Business days are Monday – Friday, excluding major holidays. An email will be sent to confirm receipt and processing of your return. All returns will be refunded to the credit card that was used to process the order. Sorry, shipping and handling fees are not refundable.

All returns should be addressed to:

LINNE Botanicals

8 Oak Crest 
Darien, CT 06820



Many of the ingredients we choose are so safe that they are in fact edible. Nevertheless there are certain compounds that pregnant women should avoid in their first trimester. For example, keytones should be avoided during pregnancy, but because they stimulate tissue regeneration to encourage wound healing, the reduction of scar tissue, stretch marks, and wrinkles, we have chosen to include them in our formulas. For the safety and wellbeing of expectant mothers we are currently formulating a special oil/serum combo safe for the face and body.

When properly diluted the following essential oils are safe for pregnancy: chamomile, citrus, frankincense, geranium, lavender, neroli, petitgrain, rose otto, sandalwood, spearmint and ylang ylang. We welcome your feedback as to whether or not this product should contain any of these essential oils or remain neutral in scent profile. 


None of the LINNÉ products contain arbitrary scent additives aka synthetic compounds that are often irritating and even carcinogenic. Because our ingredients are minimally processed they often have their own intrinsic scent. This naturally occurring aroma is usually indicative of a unique function of survival. Often these scent profiles can tell us about the ethno-botanical use of the plant, whether it be, for example, antibacterial, calming or moisturizing.

At LINNÉ we have put a great deal of consideration into the selection of our ingredients so that not only do their functions harmonize but so too do their fragrance. The high volatility of essential oils means that the products will smell potent the moment they are pumped from the bottle but should soon dissipate on the skin, leaving only a whisper of essence.


The outer layer of skin, the stratum corneum, due to its critical location at the interface between the body and the environment, is continuously exposed to oxidants that cause cellular damage, including UV radiation, chemical oxidants, air pollutants, and microorganisms. To add insult, the majority of skincare products available contain extremely harmful toxins that can cause allergies, neurological disorders, cancer, reproductive issues and other health concerns. The human body is able to produce its own collection of antioxidant enzymes to counteract some of these free radicals, but these become depleted by environmental stress and age; thus prevention strategies are essential. Feeding the body with supplemental natural antioxidants via topically applied products, and internally from food and supplements will combat disease, cancer, and the signs of aging. This comprehensive collection of skin products are designed to provide the body with the nutrition needed to do just that.

This is skin food, bon appétit!