The sense of smell taps into one of the most ancient parts of the brain. This area, known as the amygdala serves as the brain’s emotional center. It is largely responsible for the creation of new memories which explains why scent, memory and emotion are so interconnected.

Aroma arrives in the amygdala by way of volatile aromatic molecules. These are released by the essential oils present in all LINNÉ formulas. These tiny airborne molecules travel through the nose to the olfactory bulb. From there they move through the bloodstream to the limbic system where the amygdala is located. Their presence signals the release of neurochemicals that trigger a response that can be stimulating or relaxing depending on the essential oils used.

Essential oils are also absorbed by the skin. They are such tiny molecules that they easily pass through the skin - oxygenating cells by 21% in the process. Once in the bloodstream, the essential oil molecules move to our body’s specific area of need whether that be our muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, or reproductive systems. Before they make this incredible journey they of course too play a topical role on our skin.

Our newest formulas, RISE & REST, can be enjoyed both through inhalation and through topical application. The best places to apply the product are areas with the largest pores and highest concentration of blood vessels. These areas include the temples, behind the ears, side of the neck, the wrists, inner elbow, back of knees, around the ankles and the bottom of the feet. Our roll-ons can also be applied to the abdomen when experiencing nausea, indigestion, or bloating, to the chest to relieve congestion, and on sore muscles or insect bites. Feel free to discover your favorite place to apply RISE & REST as all ingredients are of superior quality and are in safe dilution.

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