We are still months away from making “New Year Resolutions” but if you are prone to picking at your skin, the time to stop is now! For some of us it’s just an irresistible grooming habit and for others it’s a compulsive disorder. Either way we beg you to pause the next time you lean into the mirror. Extractions should only be done by trained professionals with properly prepared skin. Doing them at home can cause harm by pushing the inflammation deeper, spreading bacteria and creating tears and scars. 

The next time you feel tempted, give yourself a quick LINNÉ facial instead. Start with PURIFY used as a cleanser or mask to clean skin of sunscreen, makeup and environmental debris. After rinsing, pat dry and apply a generous layer of our SCRUB face mask. With gentle pressure, massage the fine bamboo particles over your face and neck to polish rough spots and dislodge pore-clogging dead skin. Allow the botanical enzymes to penetrate the skin and dissolve the sebum and dead cells trapped in your pores. Rinse and pat dry then follow with pore-clearing and hydrating REFRESH mist. Next blend two pumps of RENEW and one pump of BALANCE in your hand and massage the mixture onto your face, neck and chest. Whether you use our HARMONIZE face roller or your hands, promote the circulation of blood and lymph with smooth strokes that move from the center of the face out, then down along the neck ending at your collar bone. Done consistently this routine will keep skin clear, smooth, healthy and happy between visits to your favorite esthetician. 

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