Raise your hand if you have had a stressful week 🙋‍♀️ Many of us carry a lot of stress in our facial muscles whether that manifests as a clenched jaw or a furrowed brow. This tension can lead to headaches, increased skin congestion and wrinkles. While we think hands can be incredibly effective for facial massage we love using our new HARMONIZE facial roller for all the added skin benefits and metaphysical attributes supplied by these special stones.

Massage with white jade is known to reduce puffiness and the appearance of pores and fine lines, promote lymphatic drainage and the flushing of toxins, increase elasticity and stimulate collagen. The stone is associated with peace, harmony, creativity, prosperity, abundance and luck. White Jade is affiliated with the crown chakra, and using white jade with intention can help promote harmony within yourself, in your relationships and within the world around you.

On the opposite end of the roller you will find black obsidian, a stone associated with the root chakra. It is known to block negative energy and help clear stress, tension and anxiety. In the same vein that it promotes psychic harmony and clarity, black obsidian can also help to balance skin tone, cleanse impurities and minimize pores. To aid purification and release of tension, our black obsidian stone has been carved to produce a textured effect. The studded surface will further help stimulate circulation and oxygenation, and like the smooth jade roller, can be used both on the face and the body.

To use, first apply LINNÉ mist, serum and oil to a clean, dry face, neck and décolletage. Using gentle pressure, start at the jawline and roll down the neck to open lymphatic channels. Massage the face using gentle strokes, starting in the center of the face, moving out and upwards.

Please note, though this roller has been custom made for LINNÉ, the origin of the jade roller lies within the ancient Chinese culture, where jade was once known as the stone of heaven. To learn more about some fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine read more in the LINNÉ journal and stay tuned for our upcoming collaborations and educational videos with TCM healers

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