Dry brushing is one of the wonderful ways we can stimulate blood flow and increase cellular turnover. It’s also an easy and affordable technique for promoting healthy lymph flow.

To elevate this practice, you can also include our ACTIVATE body wash into your bathing ritual. Finely milled volcanic pumice, gently exfoliates while stimulating circulation. This action coupled with the eucalyptus essential oil brings fresh blood to the epidermis and increased awareness to the brain. The result is an invigorated you, with clear, silky skin to boot.

ACTIVATE is also wonderful on the face, though you may prefer our SCRUB face mask with the added benefit of biochemical exfoliants care of bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple extracts.

Follow your bath or shower with SMOOTH body balm to seal in moisture. This routine is guaranteed to leave you refreshed, rosy and radiant!

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