Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated volatile compounds that plants produce as part of their own defense mechanisms. We can capture these medicinal constituents through steam distillation, C02 extraction, cold-press extraction, maceration and other infusion methods such as enfleurage. In this photo we are distilling olive leaves using steam. The steam created in the first chamber causes the leaf to ‘open its pores’ and release the volatile essential oil. In the second chamber the steam is cooled and through condensation we are gifted with hydrosol (which includes the water-soluble plant nutrients) and a thin top layer of essential oil (containing the oil-soluble constituents).

Because essential oils are such concentrated expressions of the plant it’s essential that the plants be properly sourced, the extraction process contaminant-free, and that the final product be unadulterated. Regrettably the market is flooded with synthetic oils, fragrance oils, diluted oils and other potentially harmful substances. While even the cleanest essential oils are not for everyone, such imposters have tainted many people’s perceptions of the category. 

As with all of our ingredients, we are obsessive about sourcing. Not only do we ensure that all of our essentials are 'clean' but we only use essential oils that are farmed or wild-harvested responsibly with a respect for both the land and worker welfare. Furthermore, our essential oils are not just fragrance additives. We always ensure that they are of therapeutic quality, in proper dilution and that their combination is synergistic and stimulating, but not irritating or overly active. It's a delicate balance that has been achieved with hundreds of product iterations and consumer feedback. Nothing we do happens without rigorous research, testing and care. We only want the best for you. 

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