When it comes to exfoliation, less is more. 

It’s true that dead skin can leave skin looking dull but over exfoliation can lead to hypersensitivity, irritation, inflammation, flakiness, redness and puffiness.

While a luminous complexion is desirable, the “glass skin” craze is potentially harmful. Hyper smooth, shiny skin that feels like plastic is a sign that you may have gone overboard with exfoliation. Also, one should not confuse plump, hydrated skin with swollen skin that is inflamed due to a disruption in the lipid barrier. Truly toned skin maintains a healthy content of elastin and collagen, but over exfoliation too can degrade elastin and collagen, which will make the face feel tight.

In short, the very look we may desire, if achieved through aggressive means, may be in fact a sign of skin stress. To avoid this we recommend gentle exfoliation using our skin-friendly SCRUB face mask.

Not sure if exfoliation is right for you? A full skin cycle is said to take from 2-6 weeks but harmful radiation from the sun, free radicals from air pollution, and particles of dust and dirt can throw your skin’s healthy maintenance cycle out of balance. This, in turn, leads to the premature aging of your skin and increases the risk of acne. While some of us may enjoy a fully hands off approach, those of us who live in an urban environment may especially benefit from a weekly or bi-weekly treatment. Whether it be our SCRUB mask or another product, just remember to be gentle and that less is more. 

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