Why do we post some many food and nutrition pictures? Well, we believe you are what you eat. Gut and skin health are intimately interconnected, and our goal is to support your largest organ in the most holistic way possible. Of course emotional well being and other factors can greatly contribute to the health of your skin — but our expertise is botanical nutrition — so it is with pleasure that we share our passion for ingestible nutriment.

Founder Jenna Levine began making natural skincare at the age of ten, but started cooking even younger. She grew up in a medical household rooted in the Hippocratic axiom, “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine”. Throughout her education and career she integrated her passion for cooking, nutrition and ethnobotany. While an undergrad at Middlebury in Vermont, she worked on a organic farm and apprenticed a local herbalist. Post-BA she landed in NYC to study urban food systems at Columbia — an effort to provide light-footprint, low-cost, healthy, fresh food to all NYC residents. Inevitably her passion for the outdoors led her to Northern California where she pursued the eco-design philosophy of permaculture, worked as a cook and food stylist and volunteered as a chef and nutritionist for @cookingmattersnational

While undergoing thesis work for a certification in herbal medicine and botany, she came to realize that the skincare industry was far behind the burgeoning food renaissance. With the intention of creating clean, natural alternatives, Jenna committed to resolve her sister’s acneic skin and her own psoriasis. She used her passion for ingredient sourcing, recipe development and plant chemistry to ultimately develop LINNÉ, a product line truly designed to #feedyourskin
Back in NYC, Jenna does her best to stay connected to the land, and like her brand namesake, Carl Von Linné, share her knowledge and passion for plants!

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