As we recently launched our new white jade and black obsidian face roller we want to shed light on the history of this beautiful, harmonizing, and effective facial tool. The origin of the jade roller lies within the ancient Chinese culture, where jade was once known as the stone of heaven. 

For centuries the naturally cool properties of jade were used within Chinese beauty rituals. Beyond its physical ability to soothe the skin and relieve muscle tension, the jade facial roller was known to have mystical powers. The jade stone itself is said to represent healing and protection and promote qualities such as peace and balance - both intrinsic qualities for a healthy body.

Restoring balance seems to be the top line goal of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. Disease prevention and treatment incorporate a variety of techniques meant to establish a dynamic balance between the body’s yin and the yang. When out of balance, there is an obstruction of the life force, or Qi. 

Qi moves through 12 meridians in the body, each connected to major organs or bodily systems. Acupuncture helps tap into these 12 meridians allowing Qi to move more harmoniously within the body and effectively release pain, aid in the cure of disease and improve one’s general health. Other techniques such as acupressure, gua sha and even jade rolling serve the same goal to release stagnation and increase bodily flow. 

In addition to these modalities, traditional Chinese medicine also relies heavily on herbal preparations often consumed as decoctions or infusions. While we do not, at least yet, use many plants traditional to the Chinese pharmacopeia, this practice of treatment with herbs has had a profound influence on our work. Whether using plant ingredients topically in our skincare preparations or crafting an herbal blend to treat the skin from within, LINNÉ honors the rich history and traditions of Chinese medicine as a guiding inspiration. Beyond LINNÉ you will find an omnipresent influence of TCM on modern wellness and beauty globally. It’s important that we all recognize these origins and value its significant contribution.

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