There is great opportunity for brands to be more than a product retailer or service provider. At LINNÉ, producing thoughtfully made skincare, extends far beyond product creation. It includes educating and empowering our audience, valuing our partners, respecting the planet, and promoting our environmental and social initiatives.

Today we want to hold space and honor some of the greater issues of present and encourage other brands and individuals to think globally about their place on the planet and how we can all do better to promote environmental stewardship, diversity, equality, safety and a better future for the ones inhabiting the planet when we have gone.

Such considerations can be made through conscious daily actions and simply by donating to causes that amplify your values. Some organizations that resonate with LINNÉ include @wildernesssociety @environmentalworkinggroup @wwf @regenerationinternational @rescueorg @everymomcounts @iheartgirlstart @bigblueoceancleanup @kidsonpointchs . We donate to these organizations and others because we can and because it’s one way to honor that we are all connected and share the same home (planet earth).

Whether you are thinking about the climate crisis, racial or gender equality and inclusivity, wildfires, pollution, or the myriad other concerns that need our attention, we encourage you to take this moment to commit to being a part of the solution.

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