LINNÉ is formulated for skin, not gender. The packaging, aromas and textures are intentionally designed to feel inclusive and non-binary.

We love to learn about partners that use LINNÉ together: uplifting their cleansing ritual while simplifying their medicine cabinet. Some LINNÉ favorites among our male clientele include the following:

PURIFY face wash for a refreshing deep clean.

SCRUB face mask to help prevent and treat in grown hairs caused by shaving.

REFRESH face mist as a quick and easy multivitamin for the skin.

RENEW face serum for its weightless non-greasy hydration and antioxidant activity.

BALANCE for its herbaceous scent and fast absorption that leaves skin looking healthy not shiny.

We’ve also heard from lots of our female customers that their partners have a habit of stealing their ACTIVATE and SMOOTH. Thinking of one fellow in particular who now has to supply his own SMOOTH stash. He uses it everywhere and anywhere- mostly his face and hair- though his wife says he’d use it to wax the car if she’d let him ;)

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