What is Soap?

what is soap?

Soap is the result of a chemical reaction called saponification that occurs between lye and a type of molecule called a triglyceride (a fat or oil), where both substances are chemically transformed, creating soap and natural glycerin. All the lye – sodium hydroxide – is consumed in the reaction. So, while soap is made with lye, the final product in your hands does not doesn’t contain any lye.

We additionally add more oil than is required for the chemical reaction, further ensuring the neutralization of lye and adding to the soap’s moisturizing qualities. Including extra fats in the mixture is known as superfatting. The superfats in LATHER include organic olive oil, cocoa butter and babassu oil.

These oils, in addition to pink clay, and regenerative essential oils make our bar very nourishing. At the end of the day however, all true soap has a pH of 9.5-10.5, so you may still prefer to use our pH balanced PURIFY and CLEANSE on your face if you have dry skin. If you are however used to cleansing with a bar soap, this bar will be no more alkaline than others, and if anything it may be more nourishing. 

If you are a bar lover but struggle with dry skin consider applying REFRESH mist head to toe post cleanse - this will help to prevent topical dehydration. Sealing in REFRESH with one of our oils or balms will add additional emollience and keep your skin smooth, soft and radiant.

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