We’ve infused palo santo into our ACTIVATE to further enhance your cleansing ritual. Burning dried wood from the ‘mystical’ palo santo tree and collecting its concentrated oils have been widely used in folk medicines and by shamans for centuries due to the tree’s perceived ability to clear negative energy and induce a meditative state.

Did you know that Palo santo is also known to fight cold and flu related infections and viruses? It may also help reduce feelings of dizziness, congestion, and nausea. It has the potential to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, which have made it valuable in the treatment of migraines and reduce arthritic pain. It is also known to reduce stress.

Our Palo santo is ethically wild harvested from dead wood gathered from the dry tropical forest floor of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, where it is a native species. The tree this wood comes from belongs to the same botanical family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh trees, which also produce beneficial antioxidant-rich oils and phytochemicals called terpenes, and including limonene and α-terpineol. Palo santo oil is effective for fighting free radical damage and has been gaining attention for being a natural cancer treatment for inflammatory diseases.

Burning Palo Santo

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