PORIFERA - Nature's Antibacterial Sponge

Did you know that sea sponges are actually multicellular organisms that have been on the planet for approximately 750 million years?! They are found in calm, clear waters all over the world and more than 5000 different species have been identified.

Sea sponges have naturally occurring enzymes that inhibit the growth of mildew and mold and make them naturally antibacterial. They’re also hypoallergenic and toxin-free. These characteristics have made natural sea sponges an important commodity for washing and cleaning for hundreds of years.

Sponges are a renewable resource as long as they are properly harvested using a special type of knife that leaves enough of the base to quickly regenerate. While sponges can be sustainably harvested from the wild, ours are grown in an underwater garden!

You'll find a responsibly grown sea sponge in every box of our PURIFY face wash and SCRUB mask. They're wonderful for increasing foam and will help remove product gently yet effectively. Because they will not accumulate bacteria, you can use them infinitely, but should you like to start fresh with each purchase of PURIFY or SCRUB, you can save old sponges for detailed cleaning or art making and they can be composted when you are ready to let them go. We so hope you will enjoy these sweet little additions to your LINNÉ routine.


Sea sponge diver



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