Pregnancy can cause all sorts of miraculous and challenging changes in the body. Common trademarks of pregnancy, such as melasma and stretch marks, no matter how superficial, are nevertheless unwelcome for most mothers. While genetics play the primary role in the formation of both stretch marks and melasma, LINNÉ products can safely be used to prevent and treat these common skin conditions.

Stretch marks usually start to show up on the stomach, breasts and hips during the 6th or 7th month. They occur when collagen and elastin stretch. To prevent stretch marks we recommend regular self-massage with our SMOOTH body balm. Deeply nourishing avocado oil and fast penetrating meadowfoam seed oil deliver vital nutrients including vitamins A & E to promote natural collagen production and provide the skin with the elasticity it needs to properly expand. Essential oils of palmarosa, cypress and geranium further enhance this activity by treating damaged cells, increasing circulation and stimulating regeneration. The toning effect of the balm is equally as beneficial postpartum.

Melasma is also common in pregnancy, so much so that it is even referred to as the "mask of pregnancy". It occurs as a result in hormonal fluctuations which increase melanin production. Certainly the first course of action is to protect yourself from the sun. Today we tested another draft formula of the LINNÉ sunscreen! Given rigourous FDA testing we will not be able to share this with you for several months. In the meantime, we can facilitate prevention and treatment using our SCRUB face mask, RENEW face serum and REPAIR face oil. Collectively these will encourage cellular turnover, evening of skin tone and brightening of skin appearance. These three can also be used on stretch marks to help dissolve and refine existing scar tissue.

With all this said, we want to acknowledge that all these changes are normal and thus should be normalized. At LINNÉ we aren't interested in defining what is and is not “beautiful” and we certainly aren't pushing perfection. We want nothing more than to give you the tools to feel your very best, and support you and your growing family through all life’s chapters.

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