Though this duo was formulated early in my pregnancy I had no idea how much they would come to serve me towards the end of term, during labor, and now postpartum (yes, I’m a mama - baby Elle Walker came into the world on 12/24)

As for many pregnant women, sleeping during the final weeks of pregnancy can be a challenge and the REST fragrance was such an aid. I applied it to my lower back and along stretched ligaments to ease local pain and inflammation. To promote sleep and calm my racing mind, I would also roll it on my temples, neck, inner wrists and arches of my feet. I can confidentially say that l experienced a notable improvement in the quality of my sleep.

During labor, REST helped ease the pains of contractions which persisted for two nights in a row. I do believe I have a fairly high tolerance for pain and had great coping techniques, but it’s worth mentioning that I labored without medication until 9cm at home. When I called my midwives, from the calm in my voice they thought I may have only been 3cm at most. I’d like to think REST may have had an influence.

RISE came into play in the pushing phase. Thanks to naturally occurring oxytocin I was feeling pretty blissed out in my final stage of labor but the pushing phase was hard and lasted four hours - in part due to her having a short cord and being born en caul (this is apparently very rare - 1 in less than 80,000 babies are born in an intact amniotic sac. It is considered a sign of magic or luck :).

Despite the challenge, RISE (and my supportive husband) helped me focus, ease tension, boost confidence and stay alert and even maintain good humor throughout. Now a breastfeeding mother, on call around the clock, I am using RISE to help me start the day without the need for caffeine.

- Jenna Levine, Founder 

Whether being used to soothe your father’s sore spine, or to put your kids to bed, it’s been a joy to learn about how these products have brought comfort to you and your family. Knowing my formulations have helped in any small way is the greatest reward of my career. Baby Elle, however, takes the prize as my life’s greatest gift!

Xo, Jenna (founder and formulator)

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