Spotlight: Ali Ofstedal

Ali, tell us about yourself. What led you to become an intuitive and quantum healer, astrologer, and mentor? 

I have always been fascinated by psychology, astrology, history, archaeology, and the human experience - how we’re wired and how we interact with others and the world at large. How we’ve evolved in the context of the world. I was a recruiter in a former life, working with personality tests and choosing aligned candidates, and realizing I was in fact, way out of alignment. A string of intense life events and family challenges led me into a period of rapid transformation and growth. I completely surrendered the life I knew, went through a divorce, and dove into the depths of my wiring system, traumas, conditioning. It was a dark night of the soul and Saturn Return combined. But it led me here. To this space of alignment and guidance, leading others through portals of deep transformation, growth, loss, change. It all began with my own journey and process though, and looking back I’m deeply grateful for it all because it’s allowed me to meet others there through my own experience and understanding.
How do you help guide women back into alignment? 
That’s a wonderful question! I didn’t learn my gifts from anyone - they downloaded through me. I took different courses and certifications to gain my somatic layer of knowledge and some of the intuitive practices, but how I see and interact with energy came through experience, so it was hard to describe my work at first. Alignment Specialist came through and resonated. We all have a unique soul blueprint which holds data from where we’ve been and where we’re headed in this life. Our goal is to de condition and shed the past data keeping us held in unhealthy patterns, beliefs, coping mechanisms, and integrating the parts of us wanting acceptance and love. This creates more alignment with our core - our soul blueprint. When we find and click onto that space we experience more clarity, ease, and access to our innate gifts and power. It’s such a wonderful process! 
What does your 1:1 mentorship consist of?
I love love love working with women over a longer period of time. We can dive deep and create remarkable transformation and change. I created my mentorship container because it’s what I needed in different stages of my life. Someone to hold safe space, help me orient through transformative portals, actually work *with* the evolutionary tides rather than against. Going through change, loss, divorce, pregnancy, menopause are all major life events that hold immense wisdom and potential. Yet we’re often left to navigate these on our own, leaving us oftentimes more traumatized and disoriented. In our western world we lack ritual and containers to help guide us through these stages. I created this 3-6 month container focused on the integration of self to help guide women through transformative portals of all kinds. It’s my most treasured work. We meet weekly, utilizing soul blueprint astrology, quantum and intuitive healing techniques, parts work, reparenting and inner child integration, past life journeying, somatic practices, and more. It’s very unique to the individual, depending on what they’re needing. I offer support in between, because that’s often when integration and processing happens. Co regulation and building trust are very important to me.
What is soul archaeology?
I’ve always been a nature lover, collecting and documenting the beauty that this earth holds. I have so many little pieces in my home that I’ve gathered over the years. One day someone walked in and said “are you an archaeologist”? And I said “well yes, of sorts 🤣” Soul Archaeology is the process of uncovering our many precious soul layers. It’s the study of the human experience and our evolutionary processes through a soul lens. How we can work with the past to create more alignment with our soul’s path.
What can our community members add to their daily ritual to access their own unique divine internal structure? 
Oh I love this question too! I always say, the first step is creating space. I know it isn’t always easy with the fast pace, but it’s essential. You already have everything you need within, it just needs space to come forward, attention and attunement. I love ritual. I think it helps us orient in a chaotic world. So creating a meditation or mindfulness ritual in the morning and evening - whatever you have capacity for - can be life changing. I also love intentional movement - any way you can connect more deeply with your body and nervous system. Whether it be yoga, somatic practices, walking in nature.
Tell us about your new podcast “Soul Archaeology”
I am so excited for this. I have so much information to share and have struggled to find a channel for it. I have a podcast with a dear friend, but felt that I needed a space to share the downloads I receive and the other humans who have powerful information to share. “Soul Archaeology” is holistic - equal parts astrology, energy healing, wellness, somatics and psychology. I pull from so many different areas, and want to share all of it with my community. It will launch in April 🤍
What is one piece of advise you can leave our community with?
Everything you seek is within. The journey back home is a sacred one. Trust your inner guidance, and what your body and heart are asking for, rather than the wound. Your heart will never lead you astray.


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