Spotlight: Photographer Bliss Kaufman

Bliss, what led you to become a photographer full time? 

When I started taking photographs as a teen, it sparked a desire to help others see the simple beauty in life. To this day that feeling is still there. I think it’s kismet how my life played out, allowing me to make it my career path. It took time to accept it as my work because it’s so dear but l’m now grateful to be taking pictures whether for my eyes only, for another’s vision, or for anyone who feels inspired to have a glimpse into my personal world. 


Where has your camera taken you around the world that has been your favorite place to shoot so far?

I feel most inspired when in places with age. I adored my short time in the English countryside, and of course, France. Edwardian architecture and slow lifestyles are something I feel tied to. I do feel inspired almost anywhere as long as I’m surrounded by kind souls and finding a new moment to discover. 


What inspires you most when it comes to your work? 

I feel drawn to softness, romanticism and nostalgia. Photography gives me order in life. Slowing down helps me to discover new parts of myself and my subjects, which is the core of my work. Taking time to know who I’m creating with is special to me. 


What or who has been your ultimate muse? 

Anywhere and anyone who’s helped me to tap into a deeper part of myself. Loving ourselves is the longest journey, and having an honest space to create comes from that growth. 


Did you prefer film or digital photography? 

Film will always have my heart because of the spontaneity of it, but I think there’s taboo around which is “cooler.”

I’m at a standpoint where if you capture something special, that it’s special, no matter what medium it’s made with. 


What tips do you have for those who are interested in photography? 

Be patient with it all and enjoy the process of learning what inspires you most. 

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