Spotlight: Camilla Marcus of West~Bourne


In the world of culinary innovation, Camilla Marcus stands as a beacon of conscious cooking, and at the heart of her ethos lies West~Bourne, a testament to her commitment to quality, sustainability, and flavor.

Join us as we shine a spotlight on Camilla Marcus, the driving force behind West~Bourne, and delve into the story behind this culinary gem. 


Camilla, you have accomplished so much throughout your career so far. Let’s start with west~bourne. What led you to create this zero-waste culinary company?

I wanted  to create craveable, sustainable products that become pantry staples to the fast growing climate-conscious community. Bringing mindfulness to how you can eat in a way that’s delicious, inspiring, and approachable in your daily life while safeguarding our planet. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, living mindful to impact not imprint was a regular way of life, from farmers markets to plant based cooking to composting. I was raised with a deep appreciation for how food plays such a significant role in shaping our environment

We know that regenerative agriculture plays a large role in climate change which is a large focus for West Bourne. How do you hope to empower customers to cure the climate crisis through food?

Food consumption and food waste account for a huge amount of carbon emissions, and we now know undeniably that regenerative agriculture can solve the climate crisis by decarbonizing our soil. Our products are sourced regeneratively and made with the latest sustainable technologies and materials to ultimately drive demand back into this emerging system that we believe will be the way forward for how our food is made. 

What differentiates the west~bourne Avocado Oils?

Our oils are 100% pure, pressed and poured from organic avocados. We recently learned that 89% of avocado oil is either fake – meaning it’s cut with cheap vegetable or other inflammatory oils – or rancid, so sharing our products with our community has become more important to us than ever. 

What is your unique approach to cooking? 

My goal is to really use every part of the item I’m cooking, from seed to stem. My dishes are all vegetable forward and simple yet delicious. I like to make cooking feel approachable and fun – simple steps like eating more vegetables, shopping from your local farmers markets, recycling and composting your scraps, or even incorporating recipes that repurpose  your food  scraps in new ways.

We love your garden in your LA home, what are you currently growing?

Leeks, purple garlic, little gems, pink blueberries, rhubarb, and we just started growing a yuzu tree and a calamansi tree. 

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