Spotlight: Entrepreneur Kate Kim

Step into the world of holistic wellness with Kate, a dynamic entrepreneur who epitomizes the essence of the LINNÉ community. Join us as we unravel Kate's journey into the realm of wellness entrepreneurship, driven by a quest to alleviate her own health struggles and empower others along the way.

Kate! You are the ultimate LINNÉ muse and we are excited to introduce you to the LINNÉ community. How did you find yourself in the wellness entrepreneur space?

Thank you for the warm welcome! My foray into the realm of wellness entrepreneurship was born out of personal necessity. Struggling with debilitating digestive health issues, I embarked on a quest to find solace in a market saturated with solutions. Armed with insights from my MBA studies revealing the prevalence of digestive discomfort, I felt compelled to carve a path towards a solution accessible to all.

What was it like starting your own company and navigating its exit? How have these events influenced your perspective as an entrepreneur? 
In the startup world, your measure of time is in weekly sprints, but you need to have the stamina of a marathon in order to pull through the entire experience of starting, growing, and exiting. As a VC-backed business, you're always thinking about your exit and know that if you're lucky, it'll happen some day. Despite this, I didn't realize just how emotional the process would be. I'm approaching a year out and I'm so happy to see rmdy continue to expand and grow- it's incredible to witness.
What piece of advice would you offer to budding entrepreneurs embarking on their joinery to scale their business? 
For most businesses, especially today, sustainable customer acquisition is key. I would urge entrepreneurs to toe the line of growth and customer acquisition costs so that it's serving your business longterm, not just in terms of marketing budgets but in terms of inventory and operational health.

What is one wellness tip you have for the LINNÉ community?

Self-experimentation is paramount on the wellness journey. Embrace the fluidity of your path, attuned to the evolving needs of your body amidst shifting environments and life phases. Recognize the uniqueness of your bio-individuality and let it guide your quest for holistic well-being.

What is one entertaining tip you have for the LINNÉ community?

Nature's bounty serves as a captivating muse for entertaining. Transform your table with seasonal delights sourced from your garden, whether it be vibrant blooms or luscious citrus fruits. Elevate your gatherings with the vibrant hues and aromatic charm of in-season treasures.

What is your favorite skincare hack?

Maintaining a hint of moisture on my skin prior to product application is my go-to skincare hack. I adore spritzing LINNÉ's Refresh mineral mist post-cleansing, creating a dewy canvas that optimally absorbs subsequent serums and moisturizers. It's a simple yet transformative ritual for enhancing product efficacy and indulging in self-care.

What is your favorite LINNÉ product and why?

The Renew face serum reigns supreme in my skincare arsenal. Bursting with antioxidants from nutrient-rich ingredients like carrots, hibiscus, and tomatoes, alongside niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, it's a veritable superfood elixir for my skin. The potent blend revitalizes and nourishes, leaving my complexion radiant and rejuvenated.

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