Spotlight: Cindy Ngo of Ink + Porcelain

On today's spotlight feature, founder of INK + PORCELAIN, Cindy Ngo, shares what led to the creation of Ink and Porcelain, her curation process, favorite interior design inspiration, her go-to LINNÉ products, and more. Read on to learn more about Cindy! 

What inspired you to start INK + PORCELAIN? 

 I always wanted to explore turning my passion for design into something more but I never found the right opportunity. When I moved to a house nestled in the Oakland hills in 2020, I was working as a nurse during the pandemic and longed for a creative outlet and it was the start of my new path. This uniquely-designed house provided me with a blank canvas to design and work with. My living room was the first project I showcased and it has since been featured in Architectural Digest and Apartment Therapy.

I launched my platform in November 2021 and the curation side of INK + PORCELAIN grew as friends and clients alike were interested in my finds, some of which I sell directly on the website.


What is your process of selecting products to sell on the site?

We live true to our values of supporting small businesses and empowering female creatives and founders. Each item listed on INK + PORCELAIN comes with its unique story that we always tell and showcase, in each product page and on our blog.

Our raffia coasters for instance, our first designed and produced item, were made in Morocco by a female cooperative in Essaouira. 


Why did you start Cindy’s Edits? How has it shaped your connection with your online community? 

One feeds onto the other. Cindy’s Edit started because my friends were asking for links to things they spotted in my personal pictures. I wanted to create a repository of all the things I purchase, or come across and add to my personal wishlist, for my friends to have access to. Luckily, making it public made me new friends, which in turn made the edit even bigger, and now there’s a Beauty Edit featuring my favorite LINNÉ products! 


On your blog you share “6 things” with different female creatives and brand founders. What are “6 things” you would like to share with the LINNÉ community? 

- Interior design inspiration: I am loving everything that Anthology Creative Studio is doing and find a lot of inspiration through their account.

- Favorite interior item in your home: My vintage 1970s travertine coffee table that I scored on Marketplace for $200 on Christmas Eve. It was also the first item for our living room.

- Describe your interior style: I lean towards a clean and neutral palette and love incorporating timeless vintage pieces into the mix. 

- Favorite self care tip: Start your day with water and get fresh air. 

- One morning ritual: My skincare routine!

- Greatest accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment is trusting my gut to switch careers to launch my own business on 11/23/21. 


Who is the female founder you admire most in the design space?

Christine Lin Founder and Principal of Form + Field, an Interior Design Studio based in San Francisco. Christine is a multi-disciplinary creative with degrees in architecture, engineering, and business from MIT and UC Berkeley. I admire her design philosophy and her belief that design is a viable career path for AAPI creatives. I found her background incredibly inspiring while I was starting my own journey.


What is the most valuable piece of advice you received from a mentor through the process of creating INK + PORCELAIN? 

Take the plunge. I don’t remember who shared this advice with me, but it stuck. I made the decision to leave my career as a nurse in 2021 to pursue a career in design. Now, when I’m asked to offer some advice, I share this: “Take the plunge. Listen to your gut. Life is too short to live a life you don’t dream of. Use your voice to inspire others and don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. You’ll be surprised at how many people want to help you pursue your dreams.”


What do you have in store for INK + PORCELAIN?

More events, brand collaborations, inspiring stories of women paving their own path, and products. Follow us @inkandporcelain or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

Cindy went on to share why she loves LINNÉ, and some of her favorite products...

"The reason I reach for LINNÉ is that their products are effective and natural. Made from plant and mineral sources, their mission is clear and the value is in their products. The REVIVE Eye Emulsion and PURIFY Face Wash are my absolute favorites!"

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