Spotlight: Author, Florist and Designer Lisa Przystup

Lisa Przystup is the definition of a LINNÉ muse and we are infinitely inspired by her work as author, florist, designer and model. She is clever and witty and we are always thrilled to learn more about her process and passion. 


What led you to become a writer? Were you always a writer or is this new?

Definitely not new. Being a writer is one of the truest and oldest parts of who I am. I grew up reading and cherishing books—excessively, thoroughly, obsessively. They offered worlds upon worlds to collapse into, which gave a shy child a sort of soaring freedom and a place where my imagination could unfurl and expand. My love of reading lead to a love of writing. I went to school for creative writing and mass communication and then later got my master's in journalism then moved to NYC to pursue a career in journalism.


What inspired you to create “Upstate: Living Spaces With Space to Live”? 

I actually didn't dream up the concept—Monacelli Press did and then tapped me to write it. That being said, I've had a longstanding preoccupation with the idea of home and the poetry that it offers: this place that we all year for (metaphorically and literally), a place that we return too, a place that serves as a sanctuary, where the pieces of your life story live. Where you cook, eat, sleep, celebrate, laugh, grieve. A place that has seen you at your best and worst. I also love seeing how different people make a home—what they choose to include, what brings them happiness and comfort.


How do you balance imagery and writing within your books? 

Well, I've only authored one book so I'm hardly an expert :) Truth be told, I had nothing to do with the writing to imagery ratio—that all fell under my editor's purview but she did an excellent job, didn't she?


Can you share your design philosophy?

Not sure I really even have one (laughs). The foundation of everything in our home is based on pieces that are comfortable and offer comfort—whether it's a piece that's been handed down to us from our families or thrifted pieces (hi, Craigslist) or a couch with the perfect deep seats that holds you just right. From there we layer on warmth and texture with textiles and bits and pieces of found nature objects. I will say that I'm drawn to neutrals so I'm trying to incorporate some pops of color or fresh forms into the mix. It's easiest for me to start with a neutral palette and add things as opposed to trying to do it all in one fell swoop.


What do you hope to share by creating published works?

A sense of connection through shared experiences.

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