Our next spotlight guest, healer, writer and product developer, Mariah K. Lyons shares the inspiration for both her brand ASTARA and book Crystal Healing for Women.

Tell us about yourself. What led you to learn about crystal healing and turn it into a career path? 

I grew up in the mountains in Utah deeply connected to nature. When I graduated high school I moved to NYC to study dance and found my way to LA not long after to become a professional dancer. I always had a strong understanding of the mind/body connection, so when my health began to take a turn due to stress and other triggers, I turned to natural healing to restore wellbeing to my body. I had already been meditating with my teacher in LA for a few years at that point and brought in more stones in my meditations which changed everything. My intuition and extra sensory abilities strengthened, and I dove deep into the world of minerals. Years later I began teaching crystal meditation classes and workshops and later launched ASTARA. All of my worlds began to collide and come together. The minerals have been such an integral part of my life and I truly just love sharing them with others!

What inspired you to both write your book and start ASTARA?

The inspiration for my book was found in the women in my life and that had woven into my life through classes, trainings and clients I had. There was a similar thread found throughout of women seeking support for specific biological and energetic transitions in their life. Seeing these patterns, I wanted to write a book that helped them deepen their relationship to the earth, the cosmos, and themselves through different mineral meditations and rituals. 

How do you hope to impact the community with your book and brand? 

I am inspired to help support women in finding a deep reconnection and with the earth as well as become their own healers, to truly remember that everything they ever need is within them. 

What is a current project you are working on?

I am currently beginning new writing projects and expanding our offerings at ASTARA which is very exciting!

What are your aspirations for the upcoming year as a crystal healer and brand owner? 

During 2020, I took some time away from LA and spent a lot of time with family in my hometown in Utah. It was so fun because Utah is quite mineral rich with many crystal deposits a few hours away so I spent many weekends rockhounding and searching for raw crystals in the mountains and deserts. I hope to spend more time throughout the southwest and south this next year on some rockhounding trips. I'm continuing to lead my Crystal Healing Certification programs and love seeing the classes grow and expand. I'm also greatly expanding ASTARA and it's been really fun to explore new avenues of products with the brand and have some interesting collaborations coming up as well. I love being able to work together with inspiring, innovative and creative people all looking to create change and deepen connection upon the earth. 

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