At LINNÉ we are inspired by creatives, educators, advocates, and influencers within their fields. To celebrate these individuals’ unique interests, paths, and talents and nurture a collaborative community, we inaugurate the LINNÉ spotlight series. 

To begin our series we welcome Sarah Clark of Still Point Beauty. Sarah is an esthetician and biodynamic craniosacral therapist. She shares with us the meaning of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, the benefits, and how we can practice at home if we cannot visit a specialist. For more from Sarah visit @stillpointbeauty on instagram and watch her muscular massage masterclass on the LINNÉ IGTV.


Tell us about yourself and your practice.

Hello, my name is Sarah Clark and I’m an esthetician and biodynamic craniosacral therapist. I began this journey shortly after moving to New York City from Northern California in 2007. I’m an internationally accredited and New York State licensed esthetician and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

My goal with any treatment is to connect to your innate intelligence of healing, supporting and amplifying your health and state of being. Through skincare, craniosacral work or distance healing sessions, I’m here to listen and guide you to your highest self. That is where true beauty radiates from.


What is Biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment that facilitates the body’s natural healing ability. Through supporting the structures of the body, fluid dynamics, and bioenergy, this light touch encourages the body to regulate unresolved emotional or physical traumas. A treatment can help reduce pain, calm the nervous system, speed up recovery from injury or surgery, and increase feelings of wellbeing. The core of this work is to return the body to a greater relationship with its inherent health.


How do you incorporate it into your practice? And what are the benefits?

BCST can be done as a stand alone session or combined with facials and tmj massage treatments I offer.

BCST supports our entire system so it can aid a wide variety of ailments, ranging from tmj, vertigo, migraines, support with pre or post surgery, regulating the nervous system, balancing skin function from within, HPA axis dysfunction, pelvic floor issues, entire pregnancy process for mom and baby and many many more.


What are some ways the LINNÉ community can practice at home if we cannot visit a specialist?

If you can't visit a specialist, I recommend sitting in meditation, bringing your attention to your midline and feeling the fluid wave-like motion of your cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) that moves up and down your spine. Notice if certain areas feel softer, slower or lighter. What is the quality of movement? This can bring more clarity, energy and vitality to your whole being.


I love utilizing LINNÉ products in my treatments not only for the efficacy but for our shared love of transparency and education. My work really is about meeting an individual where they are in a given moment. No judgment, no cloudiness both the client and myself showing up to the best of our abilities and doing the work together. That's where the magic happens.

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