In this digital world there is certainly something to be said for a good book: the old-fashioned kind with pages that can be dog-eared and scribbled on; the kind that wrinkles in the bath and needs no plug between use.

Treat yourself to some blue-light-free reading this weekend: your skin deserves a break. Blue light emitted from our phones and screens is known to contribute to brown spots, hyperpigmentation such as melasma, and possibly photoaging and the breakdown of collagen. Blue light is not all bad as it can help elevate mood and increase memory and cognitive function but extended use of blue-light emitting devices can cause eye strain, cataracts and glaucoma.

Work commitments and the desire to connect with family and friends via zoom and facetime make blue light exposure unavoidable. Fortunately, several ingredients in our products contain High-Energy-Visible light protective ingredients, and our RENEW serum is packed with them! You can also protect your skin by turning the brightness level on your screens to down to 50 percent.

And of course, there are the analog alternatives :) We are big book readers at LINNÉ: fiction, non-fiction, op-ed, cookbooks, even textbooks (our founder, Jenna, has read countless encyclopedic texts on botany, herbal medicine, skincare, and phytochemistry - nerd alert!).

What are you reading this weekend? Click here for the LINNÉ reading list.

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