Human bodies have a huge demand for oxygen. Most organs depend on the lungs to actively pull in oxygen and transfer it to the blood, but the upper-layer skin cells depend highly on oxygen directly from the air. According to research, the upper skin layers to a depth of 0.25-0.40 mm are almost exclusively supplied by external oxygen. To provide skin an adequate fix, get outdoors this weekend and enjoy some fresh air.

Fresh air has a wonderful effect on the skin as it allows pores to truly breathe without contamination from pollution, dust and debris. Oxygen has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and collagen stimulating effects on the skin which can make our skin appear glowy, dewy, and calmer in an instant.

Fresh air also has shown to help improve digestion, blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen the immune system and reduce the rate of obesity. Research also shows that spending time in fresh air, surrounded by nature, increases energy in 90 percent of people - which can ultimately make us more efficient and effective when working the rest of the week. So join us, unplug and get outside this weekend.

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