Prior to formulating NOURISH we tested countless organic oils, butters and waxes. We ultimately decided to feature mango and cocoa butter, pumpkin seed, jojoba and castor oil, beeswax and calendula extract. Collectively these ingredients are anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-bacterial and anti-antioxidant. They are densely nutritive and delightfully rich. We love how NOURISH glides on buttery soft yet manages to stay in place to create a proper protective barrier against moisture loss and the elements. Striking that balance too took infinite iterations but the result was most certainly worth the effort.

Adding color created a new and exciting challenge. Rather than choose from a premade mix, naturally we had to develop our own blend using pure, responsibly harvested minerals, including iron oxide, manganese violet, and zinc - used for its pallidity, UV protective and wound-healing qualities. While we plan to launch additional shades, we wanted our launch collection to feature universally flattering colors that wear naturally and apply effortlessly. We love seeing how ATACAMA and TEKAPO complement a range of skin types. Please do share and tag your #linnelove pictures so we may repost and help others better imagine these colors on themselves.

As per the color naming, that was a super fun exercise that transported us to wild places worldwide! The untinted balm DENALI, is named after the highest mountain peak in North America. Our dusty nude is named ATACAMA for the famous dusty-pink Chilean desert, and our berry tone, is named TEKAPO, for the lake district in New Zealand known for its abundant blooms of lupine flowers. And the wilderness reference isn't just an arbitrary naming device. As a business that champions environmental stewardship we wanted to take it one step further. We are delighted to share that we use profits from the sale of these lip balms to further our charitable support of wilderness preservation organizations. Keeping our lips luscious may be far from altruistic, but it's nevertheless nice to know we can help protect the planet and each other while we practice self-care.

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